Wiki: FAQ (Discussion)

Is this your new blog?
Yes, I blogged for about 10 years over at http://post-apocalyptictheology.blogspot.com/, now so that I can think more systematically out-loud and interact with people about these topics, I thought a wiki would be best.

How can I edit?
Click on “Log in” in the top right of the screen, create a username and password and then edit a page or leave a comment. It might be worth checking the userlist to see if you have a name and discussion page, if I've overlooked you, feel free to add yourself.

May I add new topics?
Sure, just so long as you follow the various conventions of this particular wiki regarding nomenclature and formatting and don't post anything illegal or dodgy. If you're a friend or colleague then I think you'll be OK creating whatever content you fancy. (Just be gracious when you make changes or discuss things with other people.) Also if you prefer complete anonymity or I don't know you very well I reserve the right to moderate your content or access as I see fit.

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