Wiki: Conventions (Discussion)

This is a meta-page about the nomenclature and formatting conventions of the Post-Apocalyptic Theology wiki. Feel free to tidy up, and add common sense conventions directly to the page but suggest more radical or wide-ranging conventions in the Discussion page first.

There are several types of pages. Check the new topics page before creating a new page.

These are the 'top of the page' basic templates for the various types of pages.

  1. Protected: eg sidebar
  2. Topics: eg Socratic Logic
  3. Book Reviews: eg In the Light of the Son
  4. Wiki related: eg userlist
  5. Discussion: eg Discussion
  6. User: eg Luke
  7. User Talk: eg Talk
<text type="muted" background="info" align="left">Topic: **Topic** (//[[topic_discussion|Discussion]]//) </text> <div></div>
<text type="muted" background="info" align="left">Book Review: **Book Title**://[[book_title_discussion|Discussion]]// </text> <div></div>
<text type="info" background="info" align="left">Wiki: **name** (//[[name_discussion|Discussion]]//)</text><div></div>
<WRAP left square tip 60%>Talk page for [[username]].</WRAP> <div></div>
<wrap box square><code><wrap square box>Topic: **[[Topic]]** (//Discussion//) Use <nowiki> the > symbol to indent and mark out your responses.</nowiki></wrap>

Overall follow Wikipedia conventions, However given that this is a niche wiki, often the topics will be esoteric, so use the simplest or most descriptive title. For example:

  • ce or copyedit for adding, correcting or removing content
  • cu or cleanup for fixing or changing formatting
  • Check 'Minor Changes' for a something too small to warrant either of the above
  • Provide a short phrase summarising a controversial or interesting change or simply cut and paste the first line of your edit if it's a large one.

Don't forget to tag your input with your signature, using the little insert signature button, two thirds of the way along the buttons at the top of the edit book.

I think we should do it

> No we shouldn't

>> Well, I say we should

> Really?

>> Yes!

>>> Then lets do it!

Tables are coded differently to wikipedia, for example:

^headerone^headertwo^headerthree^ |itemone|itemtwo|itemthree| |itemfour|itemfive with double pipping||

itemfouritemfive with double pipping

You are welcome to create info boxes and templates to help organise topics. This Dokuwiki page contains most of the basic syntax you'll need.

Add the following code to create categories of articles. Multiple categories, called “tags” in the code, need to be separated by a coma. For more information about how to code categories to this plugin:tag.

{{tag>[list of tags]}}

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